Simple – But Effective – Left Hand Piano Techniques (Video)


I get quite a few questions about what to play in the left hand on the piano, and I realized that a lot of what I play - especially in dueling piano shows, where my job is to get people to dance or sing along - is just ridiculously simple.

So, I put together this video to show you how you can create a quick left hand piano accompaniment for just about any song.

I hope you like it.

Just watch, then play! And have fun 🙂

And if you'd like to dig a little deeper into more left-hand techniques (still nothing very complicated), be sure to check out my online/2-DVD video piano course, Left Hand Piano Bass... FAST!


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  • Hi Bill
    One of my complaints with your past promos is that you never provided a sample and my mail to you on this remained unanswered. I’m so glad now that you have posted this sample to give me a fair idea if I’m gonna like the programme. Indeed I do; but it’ll have to wait as I’m current completing another set of lessons.
    GREAT promo sample, Bill !

    Abdul (Malaaysia)

    • Thanks for your honesty, Abdul. I’m kind of stubborn, so it took me a while to realize I should be playing and demonstrating more than talking and writing 🙂

  • This video was a great help to me. I have been an accordion player for years but want to concentrate on the piano. Needless to say the left hand has been giving me a lot of trouble. I have managed to play the correct chords with my left hand but the rhythm has been the problem. I think with a bit of practice I will now be able to improve.

    • Thanks, Alf! I play a *little* bit of accordion myself, but haven’t dusted it off in quite a while – maybe it’s time again 🙂

  • Hi Bill, I really enjoyed that video. You are an excellent teacher. The only SLIGHT problem I found with the video was checking the chords you were using. I had to keep replaying it and even then was not sure I had got it correct. Still brilliant though.

  • Bill, in this demo of left hand techniques it would a great help if you had written notes showing the interplay of right and left hand rhythms. It’s hard, by just listening to your playing, to sort out how the right and left hand interact. Thanks,
    Burt Lerner

  • Hi Bill.
    I have just been watching your video simple but effective left hand techniques and I think it is really intresting, I am sending this comment to ask if you do a more in depth video on this subject.

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