Printable Free Piano Chord Chart

printable piano chord chartLooking for a free piano chord chart? Look no further! I’ve created a chart that shows you the proper piano keys to play to create all the basic major, minor, seventh, augmented, and diminished chords. And you DON’T have to read music to use it! This chart will be an invaluable tool for you to refer to while working your way through lead sheets, guitar books, or chord progressions you find on the internet.

Just click the link below to get your free piano chord chart – AND free video piano chord lessons – no strings attached.

Click here to download your free chord chart.

I hope you enjoy your free chord chart – no one should be without one!

  • yana says:

    thanks for posting 🙂

  • beverley says:

    thank you for the chord chart and being on facebook..

  • Robert says:

    Thank You for the chord charts, they are just what I’ve been looking for.
    If only all Piano Teachers would put their students first like you instead of
    putting the $ first the world would be a much kinder and gentler place.
    Thanks again Bill may God Pour Out All HIS Best Blessings Upon You,
    Your Family and Friends.
    Robert in TN

  • Reese says:

    My sheet music indicates Bflat9. What are the keys that the “9” calls for?

    • Bill says:

      It depends on the way it’s written. If it’s Bb(9), or just Bb9, then it’s just a Bb7 chord (Bb – D – F – Ab) with an added 9th (C). If it’s B(b9), then it’s a B7 chord (B – D# – F# – A) with an added, flatted 9th (C).

  • Wanda says:

    Thank you sooo much for posting this chart. It is a great help!

  • Danni says:

    Thank you, very helpful.

  • Sarah says:

    Woo-hoo!! I have been looking for a printable chart!!! Thank a bunch!!

  • jean says:

    Thank you so much for you piano chord charts, exactly what I needed! I must have gone to 25 web sites that had chord charts where they wouldn’t print, were too small or too crowded together. I will not forget your site.
    Thank you so much,

  • Yvonne says:

    Thank you so much…..Your chord chart is just what I needed…:)
    All of the best,

  • wayne says:

    Thanks for the free chord chart. I have played the gutiar for years but my arthritis is making it hard to to hold the strings. I have a keyboard now and I hope I can learn a few chords and still play some music. Thanks loads

  • naldoy says:

    thank you so much

  • Johnny says:

    You are the real deal. What a great marketing idea. If I buy any lessons or info, it will be from you.


  • jun says:

    thanks for the chords its a really big help

  • Kirk says:

    Thanks ….. Bill … Appreciate your kind gesture.

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