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Easy Rock And Roll Piano Lesson Video

Well, it took me long enough, but in response to some comments and emails about my last blog post on rock and roll piano, I decided to put together a video showing the basics of good ol’ rock and roll piano.

This lesson covers some simple left-hand bass and right-hand chord patterns that will fit with such classic tunes as “Johnny B. Goode,” “Great Balls of Fire,” and “Old Time Rock and Roll,” to name just a few.

If you like this rock and roll piano lesson, or if you have any questions or other input, please leave your comments below and, if you like it, please use the ReTweet button or the share link to share with your friends.

Without further ado, let’s rock and roll on the piano…

If you’d like to get this lesson on DVD AND see it applied to 3 GREAT classic rock and roll songs – Johnny B. Goode, Great Balls of Fire, and Old Time Rock and Roll, you can get all the details on my Rock and Roll Video Piano Lesson here.

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About the author

I've been playing piano for 50 years, and I love showing others how easy it is to make beautiful piano sounds of their own.

  • Ron I like very much youre Rock N roll lesson
    on bass and chords and the feeling when youre playing rock on youre piano, I will try this on my piano I dont know how much time it will take me but I will try it Bye Thank for the lessons

  • That is a great sound for such a simple approach–presentation was very easy to follow. Please,a few more videos with additional licks and techniques.

  • Great lesson. My teacher (me) has all the musical ability of a turnip but it’s little things like this that keep me going at it. Thanks very much for the the time you put into these things. Stay safe now and be well.

  • Once again your lessons are great. Think you might be able to do some basic boogie lessons as well.
    North Bay,
    Ontario, canada

  • Dear Bil
    Thanks for the lessons, I also will impress my
    grand grandchildren.I’m 77 and love try to play
    the piano. I already play clarinet and gitaar,
    from time to time i sing in public.Sinatra is my
    favorit.They call me Charles sinatra here in the
    far Belgium. sorry for my bad english writing.
    And I don’t mind your naked knees.


  • Hi Bill, Wow! You are soooo “Fantastic!”
    I don’t know how you got my email and started writing to me, but at first I thought you were a ‘scam’ or something! I couldn’t believe you were just giving me all these “Lessons For FREE!”
    Now, seeing you here as a “Real Live Person” makes me realize how “Fortunate” I am to have found you! I am a “Female Jazz Singer” and I’ve always wanted to learn how to “Accompany Myself” on the ‘Piano’ but I would take a “Lesson” here and there but could never ‘Master’ it well enough. So I learned something about ‘Reading Chords’ Something about “Reading Notes” Even learned a little about how to ‘Transpose’ a Key using a ‘Method’ a piano player taught me. But I could never play well enough, and I really need “HELP” with how to play with my “Left Hand.”
    I wish I could take “Lessons” from you in person because I live in ‘Palm Springs, CA.’ and there are so many great ‘Clubs & Restaurants’ but they all “PREFER” a “Piano Player who Sings”…so the “Singer” (alone) doesn’t find too much work!
    Also, I’ve written some pretty good “Lyrics” but I can’t “Compose” any ‘Music’ for them. All the best, Frances Buchel, Jazz Singer (Please take a listen to my website and let me know what you think.)

  • wowww, this one is good, thank you so much. I’ll get right on it.and by the way I was so busy I for got about the knews. LoL. Alberta

  • This is an excellent tutorial…..I am a visual person although I did take piano lessons way back when…..most of that didn’t stick but this I think I can handle…..please keep it up!!!

  • Dear Bill, I read notes and never have been able to pick up songs by ear–only get the notes for those I know well, but not the chords or arrangements, etc.

    Do you have this particular lesson written out with the notes like your Piano Fast lessons/book, which I have?

    I am intrigued with your ability on the piano and your teaching. Keep up the good work.

  • First and formost, the knees are fine it’s the shoes with no socks that worry me LOL.

    Many thanks for the lessons, particulary this one. I am a novice with the keyboard and until the beginning of this year didn’t even know where middle C was but have always wanted to learn. Now in my so-called retirement I have take the plunge and started.

    I love classical music but most of all I love the sound of rock and roll, the blues and honky tonk and always remember listening to Winafred Atwell when I was a kid. Some more lessons on these genres would be great.

    Once again many thanks your lessons are truly appreciated

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful lesson!!! It is so inspiring. My friend Robert who watched it with me was smiling as he watched — I could tell he was getting some great ideas.

    Thanks again!!

  • Great rock and roll video Bill
    i am a self taught 80 year old and play fairly good classical but haven’t the knowledge to think sideways but with this video i will impress my keyboard club members.
    Thanks a million,now i’m off to practise

  • hi bill,this is great stuff!bin a guitar player/teacher for years,so got a bit of theory goin’.always fancied the piano.and with your help the going has been that much easier.now i always look forward to your next instalment.when you can re-run the vid’s you can see where the faults are and rectify,and slowing things down is a great help till you get the technique right.can’t thank you enough.

  • …….good stuff,Bill.The new idea I got was what I saw as a brief transposition into “F”!
    Anyway at the end, on the last G chord,couldn’t
    resist walking down to the C to restart the pattern.Thaks abunch Bob T

  • Bill,

    Been playing Tenor Sax forever along with Blues Guitar. I arrange in the studio so I had to learn my way around the piano.

    My wife Kathy has really picked up some basics for
    inversions and vamps and expression from your lessons and videos. I don’t have the patience and better for you to teach her. LOL She is a great Jazz Vocalist and getting up to speed on the keys is a great asset for her.

    Regards,Rocky and Kathy

  • HI
    That was fantastic lesson. It is exactly the kind of easy playing lessons I have been searching for a long while. Thanks. It’s been a great decision to subscribe to your lessons. No regret.
    I do this as a relaxation from stress of work. Btw I am in the pie business. You asked for my website, personally aint got any but my business in singapore check it out.

  • Bill,
    When you start to add the flare in the RH chord, are you walking off the Eb on to the C chord, or vice versa? Also, when you start to bounce the RH C chord (about 11m30s in to the video), are you playing the C chord and then playing the F and A notes and then bouncing back to the C note with the thumb and then repeating? Even when you slowed down I couldn’t catch it… thanks a ton

    • Hey Dave, thanks for your questions.

      I am sliding off the Eb onto the C chord.

      And, yes, I am playing the C chord, then playing the F and A notes, then bouncing back to the C note and repeating.

      Hope that helps,

  • I would like to purshase the video with chords for Rock and Roll Music…as shown above.
    I sure enjoy your music. Thank you.
    I’ll pay you by Credit Card. Please tell me where to send it… Yvonne

  • Hai mr.Bill i would like to purchase your subcripe piano book,but the problem is i not a cridet card user,
    Any other way to subcripe your piano book,please reply my requirement,

  • Have not been practicing the piano but your lessons are always impressive and so inspirational.. You make it all sound so easy and fun. Helps to marry the sheets to the piano playing too..giving the theory a new live approach.

  • great lesson! My son said “hey, he can sing, too!”.

    I am getting ready to go through the course I bought from you this summer – the one a bunch of us suggested topics for. I love the rock stuff and would love to hear any tricks you can give us. Sometimes it’s the little stuff that makes the biggest difference. I play in a band at my church and also a rock band on the side. Playing in a band has improved my skills so much. I really like your lessons – thank you for them.

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