Irish Piano

Well, I’m in Joplin, MO for St. Patrick’s Day, but I wanted to post a little Irish piano lesson on my blog, so I fired up my smart phone and put this together for you.

Not the highest production values in the world, and I hadn’t had my hair done yet, but hopefully you can use these couple of tips today or tomorrow, or whenever you want to make some Irish sounds on the piano.

If you’d like to learn a simple, but beautiful arrangement of Danny Boy, be sure to check out my Danny Boy Video Piano Lesson here.

  • John says:

    Hi Bill,

    Again, don’t be like the other famous piano teacher in the TV . Avoid to much explanation. most people seeing this video are boring with the explanation.

    So ” KEEP IT SIMPLE” keep playing more than explanation, so people will imitate, feel from your presentation.

    One more thing, value your self and surrounding a caliber guy. Pay attention to public relation and performance because your presentation is no more cheap. You can not avoid this high label.

  • Rick L. says:

    Great simple lesson- I-IV-V chords with 1-5-8 open voicing. Riff on the right hand with lots of trills and such, ending phrases on the root of the chord.

    How fun. If the wife wasn’t asleep just now, I’d be upstairs trying it.

    Happy jamming tonight. Drive careful.



  • Linda says:

    Thank you for the tip….so easy to use and a neat trick to give any song an Irish Lilt….enjoy your e-mailings…Linda

  • Ben says:

    Proper Irish piano! I love it, thanks for the simple tutorial.

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