"How To Quickly And Easily
Learn The Secrets To Playing
Professional Piano Chords
Without Spending
$1000's Of Dollars And Countless
Months On Piano Lessons"

"Learn Songs And Beautiful Piano Chords More Easily
And Quickly Than You Ever Thought Possible!"

"Why Deal With Complicated Sheet Music When You
Can Learn To Play Melody And Professional Piano
Chords 10 Times Faster?

Dear Fellow Piano-Lover,

Did you ever wish you could just push a button or listen to a subliminal tape and inject years of piano playing skills into your brain? Well, guess what?!

You can't! ;-)


You CAN take a few shortcuts and learn to play professional-sounding piano faster than you ever thought possible. How could I make a bold claim like that? Let me explain...

The piano teaching "establishment" has been around for hundreds of years, and although there are new technology and teaching methods, the basic approach hasn't changed all that much. Why?

Maybe people are afraid to change.

Maybe they think it's somehow required that you go through years of lessons, exercises, scales, blah, blah, blah before you should be allowed to sound good on the piano.


If all you want to do is make songs sound REALLY GOOD on the piano, with professional chords and smooth chord progressions, why in the world should you have to wait years, if you could learn to do it in a week or two...

...or even a DAY.

Yes, I said a DAY.

Read What One Frustrated, "Traditional" Student
Has To Say After Using My Guide:


Finding you on the internet was the greatest piano blessing that I have discovered. Purchasing your product is the BEST MUSICAL INVESTMENT that I have spent my money on in the last 3 years. And believe me... Over the past 3 years I have invested literally thousands of dollars in CD's, Tapes, Books, Music Lessons.

Your program has simplified, what I have exhausted myself searching for. I am a disabled veteran, so I have much time to practice, study and research. I literally spend 4 to 5 hours a day practicing on my Yamaha Piano. For the past 2 years, I have spend $100 each month for music lessons from a very talented music director. Although he is an excellent instructor, (I could say musical genius) he sometimes teaches over my head. (And I consider myself to be intelligent). I have figured out in 3 hours of disecting your section on 13th Chords, what has bewildered me with his methodolgy of instruction. Dont get me wrong .. I have learned a great deal from him, but your program has regenerated my enthusiasm and has uplifted my spirits and given me great encouragement.

I finally genuinly feel that there is light at the end of my tunnel. It all makes sense now. You have filled in the gaps, and I am able to do this at my pace.

I thank you again, and would highly recommend your product to anyone that is serious about learning to play music on a keyboard or piano.

Tony Willis
US Army Veteran
San Antonio, TX

And Another Student Who Can Finally Play What He Only Just Heard Before:

Dear Bill:

Your guide to professional-sounding chords is nothing short of brilliant! I have been in bands semi-professionally for years as a singer-guitarist, and now in later years I have enjoyed playing piano around home as a hobby. Your informative guide is a terrific teaching tool, but perhaps your follow-up e-mails are even more "key", since they serve as further incentive for someone to pitch in and get this stuff learned.

Your information, together with your follow-up program is the best I have seen in terms of communicating how music works, especially to those who are intimidated by notes, staffs, clefs, rests, etc. In my case, I have always been able to "hear" the chords I wanted - now that I have your book, I am able to play most of them as well.

Thanks, Bill, for sharing this absolutely terrific knowledge.

Richard Narrell

"But All I Want To Do Is Play My Favorite Songs!"

Have you looked at any of the latest foreign language courses available these days?

If not, you should. Why?

Most of the good ones use a kind of immersion approach to learning the language - they just start talking in the new language and teaching you words and phrases as you go.

That way, you start speaking and understanding as quickly as possible.

Think about it...you don't need 937 grammatical rules to ask "Which way is the toilet?" in Spanish!

I believe the same should be true of piano. So, what does that mean?

Look, if you could take one simple song, with a few really nice chord progressions, and learn to make that one song sound really good, with rich-sounding chords and a jazzy chord substitution or two...

...AND you learned how and why you use chords in a certain way...

...AND you could use that song and the chords and techniques you learned as the foundation for learning 100's more tunes...

...wouldn't you be interested in learning how to do that as quickly as possible?

That's exactly why I wrote this brand new guide...

Learn To Play Professional Piano Chords Faster And Easier
Than You Ever Thought Possible!
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My goal is to have you playing beautiful, professional piano chords as quickly as possible, but not by memorizing hundreds of different chords first. I use the immersion method...

I cover the most basic chords first - and only the ones you need to learn one song that we study - then we dive right into applying those chords to that one song. But don't worry...

I use VERY LITTLE MUSIC NOTATION in this guide. The most you'll have to learn to do is read a melody on the treble clef in the key of C.

That's it for the dots and lines and weird music notation. Well, not entirely...

We will talk about chord names and chord notation, but the goal is to go right from the chord symbol to playing it on the keyboard. After all...

That's what's most important, right?!

The Most Practical Piano Course You May Ever Own

Perhaps you've heard of this type of music before...

It's called a lead sheet, and it's what most professional pianists use at one time or another.

By sticking with just one song - one lead sheet - in "Professional Piano Chords For Everyday Pianists," you will learn a handful of professional chords, alterations, and substitutions. But that's not all...

You'll also learn how to apply the same techniques to other songs you may learn.

I can honestly say I've managed to pack 6-18 months worth of piano lessons into one 60+ page guide, but in a very focused way, a practical way.

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So, Who The Heck Is This Piano Chord Guy?

But why should you listen to me anyway?

My name is Bill Romer, and I've been playing piano since I was about 5 years old - making that over 45 years now.

For the first 15 or 20 years, I mostly sightread music, but then I started to feel very confined and controlled by piano sheet music, so I decided to study jazz piano, which opened up a whole new world for me - not just in my playing, but in the piano jobs I could play, and the people I met.

Since that time, I've played for ballet classes, country club dinners, festivals, church services, private parties, community theatre, and most recently, dueling piano bars. I've also taught both adults and children in traditional lessons and popular piano workshops.

I love popular piano music, and I like for my playing to sound professional, without sounding too "out there" or avant garde, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, all that is just to say that I LOVE playing piano, and most people tell me it shows.

I've done my best to bring that love and passion to my piano chord guide, and I'd be honored if you would allow me to share it with you.

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn in "Professional Piano Chords For Everyday Pianists":

The absolute fastest way to learn any new chord, so you can play it the instant you see the chord symbol.
The single 3-chord progression found in 70-90% of all popular music that just might change the way you listen to and play music on the piano forever.
The very special chord that can open the doors to a whole new world of piano playing (it did for me) - and exactly how and when to use it.
Exactly where to play chords on the keyboard so they sound the best - not too muddy, and not too thin, but just right.
A VERY simple method for adding bass notes to your beautiful new chords - it may look overly simple, but it can make your playing sound like a true professional in no time.
Advanced practice suggestions for you over-achievers out there (you know who you are!) - take your playing to the next level fast without paying for months of
How to play a chord progression so that it sounds good - it's called voice leading, and it is one of the
secrets to professional-sounding piano that very few people learn how to do properly - except for you!
Alterations and substitutions for the basic chords that give exciting new "flavors" to virtually any song you play.

Clear, Simple Chord Charts Show You Exactly How To Play Like
The Pros -OBVIOUSLY, These Are The Beginning Chords Just To Show
You How I Illustrate Chords In The Book - We'll Move WELL Beyond
These Basic Chords - I Guaranteed That!

OK, So Get To The Bottom Line Already!

I'm sure you're wondering by now how much this useful, information-packed guide is going to cost you, right?

Honestly, I had a hard time pricing it myself. Why?

First of all, I spent a LOT of time putting it together (much more time than I originally thought it would take, to be honest). I know, I know...my perfectionism shouldn't be a factor in pricing, but I'm just being honest ;-)

Secondly, I spent nearly $1000 on intermediate and advanced level piano lessons to learn most of the techniques I share in this guide. And that was nearly 20 years ago!

Heck, these days, a professional half-hour lesson will set you back at least $30, so when you consider that this guide covers the equivalent of 16+ full half-hour piano lessons, that makes this guide worth at least $480!

By all rights, I should be charging hundreds of dollars for this information, but...

I've decided to keep the price low. How low?

NOT $97 low.

NOT $47 low.

NOT EVEN $37 low.

In order to get these powerful piano principals into the hands of as many eager students as possible, I've decided to offer this fantastic value for only $27!

Yes! This handy, step-by-step guide, packed with the equivalent of 16 half-hour piano lessons is only

Because this is a completely electronic guide (where you print it out yourself, if you like), and doesn't require all the overhead associated with a traditionally published book, I'm able to keep the cost so very low.

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So ... what do you get for just $27?

A complete guide to professional piano chords,
starting from the most basic chords and building gradually to those beautiful, complex chords you hear the pros play.
Detailed chord charts - both in the guide and in a separate chord chart file - showing you exactly what piano keys to play for each chord - no need to worry about complicated sheet music.
Suggestions for advanced practice - if you're an overachiever ;-)
Detailed guidance on voice leading - the magic ingredient to make all your chord transitions sound smooth and professional.
Notation written on a real, professional lead sheet - you'll see exactly what the pros see when they sit down to the piano.

And, if that's not enough -- there's also absolutely no risk!

Your Iron-Clad, No-Risk,
8-Week Guarantee!

Your "Professional Piano Chords For Everyday Pianists" guide comes with a no-questions-asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason, you decide that "Professional Piano Chords For Everyday Pianists" just isn't for you, you'll get every penny back.

In fact, I'm so confident you'll be fully satisfied with "Professional Piano Chords For Everyday Pianists" that I'm willing to let you actually keep the report, no matter what – as my way of saying thank you for trying "Professional Piano Chords For Everyday Pianists".

So, you see, you have absolutely no risk in ordering "Professional Piano Chords For Everyday Pianists" – all the risk is on me!

Bill Romer

(On the other hand, if you do find it useful and your playing improves as a result, I would love to hear about that, too!)
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Read What Other People Are Saying:

I have a really good feeling about this course: there is much more to it than meets the eye. I set myself tasks from your example, and it is fun to do! Thank you for this course, I hope it is going to be the beginning of more exciting play!

- Roz Etherington, York, UK

I have only had time to read a few pages after printing out the book, but I am delighted already!!! ALREADY it sounds like someone else is playing, not me. Ha ha.

- Richard

Just a line to thank you for the course. I think it is absolutely amazing for the pittance I paid, and I particlarly like the links to various archives, which allow me to listen to some incredible performances.The lessons are first class, and hopefully will inject some musical sense and structure into my efforts.

Thanks once again for such a comprehensive musical package.

- Jim Macfarlane

Well, the decision is yours...months of more lessons, expensive piano courses, and time spent trying to find that "magic" sound, or my completely guaranteed, $27 guide, "Professional Piano Chords For Everyday Pianists."

Whatever you decide, I hope your love of the piano continues for many years, as mine has.

May the piano bring you harmony and happiness, now and always.

Musically Yours,

Bill Romer

PS: Don't you owe it to yourself to find the fastest, easiest route possible to the most interesting, beautiful, rich-sounding professional piano chords? Check out my guide today and you'll be sounding like a pro before you can play a C major scale!
PPS: Your friends and family will be amazed at how quickly your piano playing improves, and you'll have the confidence and skills to sit down at the piano - anywhere, anytime - and be the center of attention (if you like that sort of thing

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